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Pathways of Hope and Healing

Since 2007, we have been dedicated to offering addiction crisis services to individuals and  their family  members who need care. If you need help now, please contact us. Addiction is preventable, treatable and recovery is possible. All it takes is a single step to turn the tide and stop the suffering. Please let us know how we can help.

About Us


​Mission & Values


It is the primary purpose of Loyola Recovery Foundation to take action that will establish recovery opportunities for individuals suffering from substance use disorders.  Loyola Recovery Foundation views Recovery as a voluntarily maintained lifestyle characterized by sobriety, personal health and citizenship.


Motivated by special concern for individuals who suffer from substance use disorders, as well as concern for their families, Loyola Recovery Foundation envisions an environment of welcome, hope, trust, and healing.  Fidelity to these values is definitive of our integrity.

Loyola values the influence of research-tested principles in the treatment of substance use conditions.  Whenever possible, Loyola will evaluate the results of its efforts.

Loyola will welcome all.  Loyola is an organization responsive to crisis needs, diligent and creative regarding financial barriers, attentive to concerns of family members, and comforting to those who face the pain of addiction.

Loyola will build hope by applying state-of-the-art addiction therapy, supported by medical care and social services that will restore our patients to healthy functioning in all domains of their lives.


Loyola will build trust by honoring all stakeholder’s right to be self-determining, and by ethically and lawfully maintaining their confidences and privacy.

Loyola will build trust by responding quickly to concerns, and by exercising good stewardship of its resources.

Our Programs

Detox Substance Abuse Treatment Services

Loyola Medically Supervised Detox Program is the first step on the road to recovery. Loyola provides medically Supervised Detoxification and counseling services. Patients receive  a comprehensive psycho-social evaluation, Individual Counseling , Group Therapy, education on addiction triggers , coping mechanisms, and alternate methods of pain management.  

Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Services

Loyola Inpatient Program provides a welcoming therapeutic environment for patients who have completed a withdrawal program or would otherwise benefit from inpatient services.  Patients receive a full range of evaluation, therapy, counseling, and education services to support their recovery.

Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Services

Loyola Outpatient Program offers a full spectrum of treatment services for patients who have less severe addiction or who cannot participate in an inpatient program due to work or family obligations. Like the inpatient program patients receive a full range of evaluation, therapy, counseling, and education services on a part time basis.  


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Please direct all calls to our Central Admissions Unit

Loyola Central Admissions Unit
Loyola Administrative Offices 

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Voice: 585-203-1005
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Loyola MSW-IP Detox/Inpatient Units
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Fax: 585-245-8829

Loyola Outpatient Rehab Unit
411 Canisteo St., Floor 4 East
Hornell, NY 14843
Voice: 585-203-1005
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Other ways to contact us:

Hornell Inpatient Rehab Facility


Hornell Outpatient Rehab Facility


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"I've tried before and failed.  The last time I immediately went into the hospital at Loyola and have been sober ever since.  Loyola staff and the peers at Loyola saved my life.  Through group therapy (which I attend every day) and other ways, I've been shown what I could do -- that I'm somebody who can help myself and others and helping others helps me.  Loyola has given me every opportunity to help myself and others, for which I am highly appreciative.

""The Vivitrol is a life saver.  It has helped me live my life to a fuller extent and stay clean.

""Loyola's program opened doors that saved my life.  For two years I was living in the woods, thinking only about getting my next fix.  Now I go to AA meetings, have an AA sponsor, notice the little things like the blue sky that mean so much, and check in every day with Loyola.

""I don't get involved as much but I do read.  When I reach out, Loyola staff are there to help - they've been great, maybe because some of them are Veterans too which helps tremendously.

""I was ready to give up, I had no hope, and I could not stop drinking.  Loyola Recovery Foundation brought me back to life!  The staff at Loyola never gave up on me even when I had given up on myself.    No matter what time of the day I have someone I can turn to in times of trouble.  The staff at Loyola has made me realize that living life one day at a time is not so bad.  They taught me to realize that my recovery from alcoholism must come first and foremost in my life!  I am extremely grateful and appreciative to all the help I have